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Caitlin Ezell Waugh

Artist/Owner Paraph Studio

I was raised in an old farmhouse in Maine, surrounded by plants, tools, animals, community, tumbling rock walls, and a decaying barn full of decades worth of friends’ forgotten belongings. Those aesthetics translate well to the decay and growth of New Orleans; my work is at home here in the Deep South.

I run my one woman restoration and design business, ‘Paraph,’ from my home studio in the 7th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. My business is dedicated to the rejuvenation of the stained glass trade by using traditional techniques inventively. I am passionate about plant medicine, cooking, gardening, story telling, and social justice. A career in art allows me to live joyfully. Pleasure, brought through inspiration and intellectual challenge, is a priority for me. I strive to share that pleasure with others through my sculpture.

My work is often either narrative or serves as a way to research new subjects. Through treatment of metal, wood, glass, clay and found objects, I explore the aesthetics of decay, vulnerability, and material and textural variation. In all of my work, I strive to blend patience with spontaneous decisions.

For event info and outdoor markets please follow me @caitlinezellwaugh on instagram.

My work can currently be found in person at these locations in New Orleans:


Botanical Gardens

Pollack Glass Studio




Present, since 2006      Established Paraph Studio LLC., a one woman business that offers:

- stained glass window, door and lamp restoration

- subcontracted window glazing for historical and new construction

- custom sculpture, furniture, architectural glass, interior design 

- botanical preservation, preservation of  memory and artifact, custom talisman 

- retail lines (primarily stained glass, kiln formed glass, collage, mirror work) sold in several galleries and art markets 

- curation of spaces and ceremony

2017-2020      Co-founder and owner, curator, Potence Collective Art Gallery, 5700 Magazine st., New Orleans, LA (an artist-run coopertive gallery)

2018        Instructor, inventive kiln technique course, YAYA Inc., New Orleans, LA

2013—16    Instructor, stained glass technique courses for adults, Glassworks, New Orleans, LA

2011—13    Writer, researcher, evaluator, Torres Consulting Group, New Orleans, LA (Evaluator of non profit and 

educational entities, with lots of conference and training, experience working with stakeholders)

2011—17    Volunteer Court Appointed Advocate for foster youth, CASA New Orleans, LA, (I supported the 

development of the Youth Transition Program forming best practices for the aging out process. Years of 

ongoing professional development training, media appearances, and later training of others)

2010—12    Instructor, stained glass technique classes at Greenproject, New Orleans, LA 

2006—07    Instructor, Jan-term stained glass intensive courses at Hampshire College Amherst, MA

2006—07    Glazier/ Studio and Field assistant, Luminosity Studio Waitsfield,  VT 



2018        Pilchuck Glass School, Anne Petters, with a focus on mold techniques, hot glass/ pate de verre and kiln shaping, Stanwood, WA

2013        Pilchuck Glass School, Wonjoo Park, inventive kiln glass techniques, Stanwood, WA

2009—2011            Apprenticeship in wheel and slab clay and kiln techniques, DKClay, New Orleans, LA (independent work in clay at this studio through 2017)

2006        Traditional glazier/ stained glass apprenticeship, Luminosity Studio Waitsfield,  VT 

2001—05     BA, Sculpture/Literary Journalism, Spanish minor, Hampshire College, Amherst MA

2004           Woodcarving mentorship with Abel Barroso, Havana, Cuba



2019        “300 More”, group show, Old #77 Hotel, New Orleans LA

2018        “Masterpeace”, group show, Whereyart gallery, New Orleans LA

2017        Curator, “Agitprop: A Poster Show”, 5700 Magazine st gallery, New  Orleans, LA

2017        Curator, “Self Love is Revolutionary”, 5700 Magazine st gallery, New Orleans, LA

2017         Curator, “Vessels of Resistance”, 5700 Magazine st gallery, New Orleans, LA

2011-16    Dozens of installations, ceremonies, performances, event hosting with New Orleans Society of Fly Ladies, particularly on St. Claude 2nd Saturdays at Dancing Grounds (original and current site)

2014       “Terratour”, Prospect 3+ collaborative interactive public art installation, St. Claude Ave, New Orleans LA

2014        ‘Park(ing) Day’ interactive, collaborative shorterm public art installation, Julia Street, New Orleans, LA

2016        “Enverre” HBHC, New Orleans, LA

2015        “Crossroads”, cocreated with Jeremy Paten Whereyart Gallery, Julia                    St., New Orleans, LA

2013        “Verre Efflorescence”, Nola Potter, Algiers Point, New Orleans, LA 

2013        “Mirror”, Foundation Gallery, Julia St. New Orleans, LA

2010        “Do you want gold?”, collaboration, Life is Art Foundation, Honeyspace Gallery, Chelsea, NY 

2010        “Lost”, Lost Love Lounge, New Orleans, LA. April 2010

2007        “Flight”, Burnett Gallery, Amherst, MA. December 2007

2007        “The City Generation #1”, Pushkin Gallery, Greenfield, MA. Feb 2007

2006        “La Primera y El Tercer; The First and the Third”, APE Gallery, Northampton, MA. July 2006

2005        “El Borde No Aguanta Tierra Agua Ni Viento/(Health in Venezuela)”, Hampshire College Main Gallery, Thesis Installation

2004        “Gusanos en la Madera”, Solo Installation, UNEAC, Havana, Cuba then at Pennacook Art Gallery, Rumford, ME



Since 2005    Consistent private commission and restoration work installed in homes, hotels, offices and hospitals throughout New England and the Mississippi Delta 

Since 2017    Frequent group and solo show as both artist and curator, Potence Collective, New Orleans LA

Since 2015         YAYA Inc., New Orleans, LA

Since 2014    Whereyart, New Orleans, LA— online as well as consistent participation in group showings in the Whereyart gallery space and other spaces they curate

Since 2014        Botanical Gardens Gift Shop, New Orleans, LA

Since 2013    Glitterbox/ Foundation Gallery, New Orleans LA

Since 2011    Pam Tripp Gallery, Baldwin MI

Since 2008     Palmer Park Juried Market, monthly, New Orleans, LA (and many others less consistently)



  •     Stained and Hot Glass inventive copperfoil, solder, glass and ceramic cutting, traditional lead and wood window restoration, making cement, zinc and copper framing kiln work- slumping, fusing, billet casting, pate de verre, enamel painting and screenprinting on glass, sand/ graphite hot casting, variety of cold-work techniques, years of experimenting with kiln programming, hot glass manipulation, inclusion fusing
  •     Metal blacksmithing, MIG welding, braising, iron and torch-soldering; use of plasma cutter and grinding, cutting, punch, drilling and rolling tools
  •     Wood identification, furniture design, use of hand and power tools to carve, cut, drill, route, connect, refurbish
  •     Clay  relief, slab, hand-built and wheel clay work, low cone kiln firing
  •     Fiber  papermaking, traditional and experimental weaving (basket, hammock, cloth)
  •     Wax/Plaster additive and subtractive forming, wide variety of mold-making
  •     Printing  intaglio, acid bath, lithograph, woodcut, silkscreen, black and white darkroom printing
  •     Electrical wiring, lamp construction and restoration
  •     Finishing mixing and application of polishes, patinas, waxes, paints, varnishes, glazes on a wide variety of  surfaces
  •     Business  public relations, marketing, project management, accounting, social media, HDLC and zoning permit requisition, writing, evaluating, survey building