Nigella Stained Glass Panel

Nigella Stained Glass Panel

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Nigella, "love in a mist". Feminine power. A love charm.

9" x 6.5"

This handmade piece features a nigella flower kiln-fused in glass and soldered within a stained glass design. These small and medium sized panes are much like quilts — they are made of cherished scraps of glass saved from larger custom designs. The panel is framed and hung with brass u-came and double jack chain that is easy to adjust when installing.

Every Enverre botanical piece comes with a card identifying the plant and what it symbolizes (the symbolism included is chosen when more than one culture agrees upon it).

Please request a handwritten gift note if you would like one.

If you would like a custom panel in a different color, size, made of a specific plant not included here, or a plant you provide from your garden or special event, please email